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Administration and Management  Name E-mail
Executive Director Michael Herrera mherrera@ubtech.org
Assistant Director  Stacy Pakula spakula@ubtech.org
Business Manager  Steve Curran scurran@ubtech.org
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds  Anthony Ray aray@ubtech.org
Faculty Name  E-mail
Agricultural Biotechnology & Life Sciences TBD  
Animal and Veterinary Science Caitlyn Danka  cdanka@ubtech.org
Auto Collision Technology  Shawn Rudden srudden@ubtech.org
Automotive Technology  Patrick Chrinko pchrinko@ubtech.org
Baking & Pastry Arts  Diana Penn  dpenn@ubtech.org
Carpentry  Caleb Miller  cmiller@ubtech.org
Computer Networking/Cybersecurity Kevin Gustave kgustave@ubtech.org
Construction Technology  Kevin Crawford  kcrawford@ubtech.org
Cosmetology  Kimberly Kucas  kkucas@ubtech.org
Cosmetology  Barbara Mandato  bmandato@ubtech.org
Culinary Arts  Amber Underdown aunderdown@ubtech.org
Culinary Arts Larry Fortunato lfortunato@ubtech.org
Dental Careers  Julie Bowen jbowen@ubtech.org
Diesel Equipment Technology  Gregory Masters gmasters@ubtech.org
Electrical Technology Craig Guest  cguest@ubtech.org
Exercise Science & Sports Technology Peter Braun pbraun@ubtech.org
Graphic Communications  Matthew McClung mmcclung@ubtech.org
Guidance Counselor  Morgan Welding  mwelding@ubtech.org
Guidance Counselor Jenn Rubin jrubin@ubtech.org
Health Care Careers Melissa Konecny mkonecny@ubtech.org
Health Care Careers Amanda Deily adeily@ubtech.org
HVAC-R Michael Henry mhenry@ubtech.org
Law Enforcement / Police Science  Joel Ritter  jritter@ubtech.org
Law Enforcement/Police Science Matt Phelan mphelan@ubtech.org
Machining Technologies  Chris Canceliere ccanceliere@ubtech.org
Mechatronics  Chris Passante cpassante@ubtech.org
School to Work Coordinator Lisa Walck lwalck@ubtech.org
School to Work Coordinator Marianne Deose mdeose@ubtech.org
Small Engine Technology William Young  wyoung@ubtech.org
Special Education Specialist  Karen Freeh  kfreeh@ubtech.org
Special Education Specialist  Kelly Sinn ksinn@ubtech.org
Special Education Specialist Laura Vaughan lvaughan@ubtech.org
Welding & Fabrication Technology  Josh Kosak jkosak@ubtech.org
Support Staff Name  E-mail
Human Resources Manager / Operations Coordinator Tracy Kram  tkram@ubtech.org
Administrative Assistant Coordinator Melissa Nyce mnyce@ubtech.org
Technology Coordinator Adrian Wagenhurst awagenhurst@ubtech.org
Help Desk Technician Peter Masemore pmasemore@ubtech.org
Safety Officer  David Gale  dgale@ubtech.org
Receptionist, Secretary & Attendance  Denise Meehan dmeehan@ubtech.org
Health Care Services Specialist  Caprice Reinheimer  creinheimer@ubtech.org
Financial Accountant TBD  
Purchasing Secretary  Paula Wiley  pwiley@ubtech.org
Student Services Secretary  Sherry Snyder ssnyder@ubtech.org


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