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Administrative Staff



Title Name Email Phone
Executive Director Jeff Sweda jsweda@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Assistant
JOC Secretary
Tracy Kram tkram@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Assistant Director Michael Herrera mherrera@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Supervisor of CTE Christopher Gentilezza cgentilezza@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Adult Education Coordinator Emily Evans eevans@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Assistant Director's Secretary Sandy Ronge sronge@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Receptionist Melissa Nyce mnyce@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Safety Officer David Gale dgale@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Business Manager Theresa Hoeflich thoeflich@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Purchasing Secretary Paula Wiley pwiley@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
IT Systems Administrator Dennis Nolen dnolen@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Help Desk Technician Adrian Wagenhurst awagenhurst@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds William Gerhard wgerhard@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Health Care Services Specialist Caprice Reinheimer creinheimer@ubtech.org 215-795-2911
Cafeteria Manager Amber Ott aott@ubtech.org 215-795-2911



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Administrative Staff
Student Services