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Career Launch Program

If you are interested in a supervised work experience that facilitates your transition from your school to work, you are in the right place!

CLP is for 11th (second semester) & 12th grade students who are: 

  • Unable to gain admission to a career & technical program due to excessive applicants.

  • Unable to meet entrance requirements for other existing career & technical programs. 

  • Or unable to participate in a specific career & technical area because it is not offered at the comprehensive high school or participating career & technical high school.

Advantages of the Career Launch Program: 


  • Clarity about academic goals

  • Academic motivation


  • Clarity in regards to career goals

  • Understanding workplace culture and environment

  • Learning new skills

  • Access to professional network

  • After graduation employment opportunities


  • Maturity and growth

  • Recognizing strengths and weaknesses

  • Development or enhancement of interpersonal skills

  • Learn productive and responsible citizenship skills

  • Potential to earn money for financial responsibilities or college expenses

  • Lifelong learning skills

Students are required to

  • Secure employment prior to entry into the program

  • Have a work-based experience held at a school-approved worksite and be paid the existing legal wage

  • Have school-based academic and career specific instruction and will meet with his/her teacher-coordinator for one 90-minute period per week at UBCTS

  • Obtain working papers and complete necessary paperwork prior to beginning the Career Launch Program

  • Complete monthly time logs, reflections, and assignments as required

  • Be legally employed a minimum of 15 hours a week during the school year

  • Provide their own transportation to the worksite

  • Complete the NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) assessment on work based learning (if a senior enrolled prior to November)

  • Students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the UBCTS Handbook or can be removed from the program

  • Students must communicate any absences or issues with school or work to coordinators immediately

  • Student attendance, discipline, and grades are important pieces to remain in the Career Launch program

  • Arrive early and be prepared to work at work!

📍 Location:

All CLP classes will take place at Upper Bucks County Technical School

3115 Ridge Rd, Perkasie, PA 18944

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Child Labor Laws

Minimum Wage Abstract

Teen Driving/Youth Rules

PA Human Relations Act

PA Worker and Community Right to Know Act

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Career Launch Program
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