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Meal Charging and Lunch Accounts

All students will be provided a meal, regardless of their cafeteria account balance.  A lunch meal is defined as 3 out of 5 offered components: Meat/Meat Alternate, Grain, Fruit, Vegetable, and Milk.

A la Carte items and snack items may not be charged when there is a negative balance.  

Parents will receive an email three times per week if their student’s account balance becomes negative.  The email will contain necessary information regarding options to replenish funds in their cafeteria account.

When a student owes equivalent of 5 or more lunches, at least two attempts will be made to the parents with information about how to apply for Free and reduced price meals.

School personnel may communicate individually and discreetly with students regarding low balance or money owed.

School personnel shall not publicly identify or stigmatize a student who cannot pay for a school meal or who owes money for a school meal.

School personnel shall not require students to perform work or chores to pay for a school meal.

School personnel shall not require a student to discard a meal after it is served to the student due to the student’s inability to pay for the meal or for money owed by the student for previous meals.

Reimbursement Requests :

Positive balances for all students will be automatically carried over to the next school year.  Refunds from student meal accounts are granted when a student graduates, leaves the tech school, or a special circumstance necessitates the refund.   

  1. Positive balances for graduating seniors with a sibling enrolled in the tech school will may be transferred to that sibling’s lunch account with parental request.
  2. A refund check will be automatically issued to the parent/guardian of a graduating senior with no other siblings enrolled in the district who has a balance of $10 or greater.
  3. Balances of less than $10 for graduating seniors with no enrolled siblings will be anonymously donated to families in need of assistance with meal accounts.

Please allow 30 days for refunds to be processed and received


Gifts or Donated Funds:

Food Services may accept gifts or donations of funds to be used for students who have insufficient funds.  The gifts or donations will be kept separate from foodservice funds by depositing into the General Fund under code 10-510.0155.  The funds will be held in that account until June 30 of the current school year and then transferred to the Foodservice account.  The donations will be applied to delinquent student lunch accounts on a percentage basis.  Each student’s debt percentage of the total lunch account debt will be multiplied by the donation amount and the dollar value will be applied to the student’s account.



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