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Congratulations Josh Overholt March Student of the MonthJosh Overholt Construction Technology

Josh Overholt

Josh Overholt exemplifies the dedication, excellence, and leadership qualities we value in our students. Josh's academic and professional achievements stand out as a senior in our construction technology program. His journey, marked by significant accomplishments and a clear vision for his future, makes him an exemplary candidate for the Student of the Month award.

Academic Excellence: Josh is a First Honors student, showcasing his commitment to educational excellence. His ability to balance rigorous coursework with extracurricular activities is commendable. As a student taught at home, Josh has demonstrated exceptional self-discipline and motivation in his studies, contributing to outstanding achievements.

Professional Certifications and Memberships: Josh has earned certifications in OSHA 30, OSHA 10, SP2 Safety, and Ladder Safety, underscoring his commitment to maintaining high safety standards in the construction field. These certifications are a testament to his dedication to professional development and his proactive approach to building a solid foundation in construction safety.

In addition to his certifications, Josh is an active member of the Pennsylvania Builders Association. This membership connects him with industry professionals and keeps him informed about the latest trends and standards in the construction industry.

Extracurricular Achievements: Josh is dedicated to his academic and professional growth and actively participates in extracurricular activities that further his expertise and leadership skills. As a National Technical Honor Society member, he is recognized among his peers for his achievements and character.

He started his cooperative education in September of 2022 through employment at M&S Contractors, Inc. in Center Valley, which provides him with hands-on experience in the construction industry, enhancing his learning and making him a well-rounded candidate for future opportunities. Josh’s supervisor, Jay Myers, regrets that he could not attend tonight but says: “Josh has been a great asset to our company. He’s willing to learn and follow directions. He comes with a good attitude and work ethic. He shows up on time and is willing to stay late. We enjoy having him as part of our team. My only criticism is his choice of brand of tools. Red (Milwaukee) vs yellow (DeWalt), lol.”

Josh's teamwork and leadership skills were prominently displayed during the SkillsUsa teamwork competition, of which he was a member for three years. He has helped secure first place and two seconds at the SkillsUSA District competition. This achievement highlights his ability to work collaboratively and excel in competitive settings.

Future Aspirations: After graduation, Josh plans to pursue a career in Construction. His educational background, practical experience, and industry certifications position him well for a successful career in this field.

Josh's ambition and clarity about his professional path reflect his readiness to contribute meaningfully to the construction industry.

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Congratulations Josh Overholt March Student of the Month
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