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Abygail Jacobes Named UBCTS Student Of The Month for FebruaryCongratulations Abygail Jacobes, Welding & Fabrication Technology and Quakertown Community High School.

Abygail Jacobes Named UBCTS Student of the Month for February 2021

Abygail Jacobes, a senior from the Welding & Fabrication Technology program, has been named Student of the Month for February at the Upper Bucks County Technical School (UBCTS). Abygail is the daughter of Melanie and Anthony Jacobes of Quakertown. She attends Quakertown Community High School.

Abby has continued to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to taking care of the Welding shop. Currently, she is the designated shop foreman and truly takes pride in completing her tasks and making sure others hold up their end-of-cleaning tasks. She has displayed outstanding leadership traits and is always prepared when she enters the classroom. Abby is an honors student and currently has the highest overall grade for the PM Welding class, excelling in work ethics and knowledge categories.

When Abby isn’t in school welding, she spends some of her time working with her father doing plumbing and H-VAC work and looks after two horses. She has also been involved in the SkillsUSA metal sculpture competition in years past and has a love for TIG welding.

Abby has a great work ethic that has been instilled in her through her parents and the activities she participates in outside of school. Not only is she incredibly talented with the hands-on portion, but she also has the work ethic that employers seek and is an example of what a student at Upper Bucks County Technical School should represent.


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Abygail Jacobes Named UBCTS Student Of The Month for February
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