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Tool Practice for Safety Inspection

Tool Practice for Safety Inspection 
6 hours  $150

Are you ready to take the Safety Inspection Certification course but would like more practice with the tools?  Here’s your chance.  This hands on course will give you the opportunity to practice using the tools listed in the Vehicle Equipment and Inspection Regulations to perform a complete inspection.  Practice working with micrometers, ball joint gauges, riveted, bonded, and disc type measuring tools, brake drum gauge, tread depth gauge, and headlight aimers while following regulated inspection procedures.  This class can help you build the skills necessary to perform a thorough inspection with confidence.

          SIT-030320             Dates:         3/3 & 3/4/20 (Tu & W)
                               Time:           6:00 - 9:00 PM
                                     Location:    UBCTS Automotive Lab
Instructor:   Michael Young

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