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Savory to Sweet! Cooking with the Professional Chef!

Savory to Sweet!  Cooking with the Professional Chef!   (5 nights) $375.

CUL101  Tu, 10/15 - 11/12/19, 6:30-9:30 pm

Would you like to know the secrets of making great tasting food that looks fantastic? 

Here’s your chance! 

Join this hands on cooking class to experience the fun and joy of cooking!  All will leave with new/sharpened skills and learned techniques to continue the fun in your own kitchen.  Participants will learn the basics of kitchen sanitation, measurement, and knife skills.  Each week you’ll prepare food, building upon the skills learned in the previous week, and the recipes from each class building to create one multi-course meal. Recipes will be generally quick and easy to prepare and have a seasonal focus.

Come hungry—because we WILL eat!—, and be ready to learn and have fun with our professional chefs as you learn to whip up divine dish after dish, beginning with appetizers and ending with desserts! 


Comfortable and safe clothing: slip-proof shoes-sneakers, no heels; long pants and long-sleeve shirts; long hair tied/clipped back; no jewelry (plain wedding

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