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Pneumatics 1 & 2

Pneumatics 1 & 2   (40 hrs-30 classroom, 10 sessions) $875. 
MEC105  M/W, 6-9 pm  

Pneumatics 1 & 2 prepares learners to work intelligently in industry with pneumatic applications. Learners will gain industry-relevant skills related to these new topics including operation, installation, performance analysis, maintenance, and design. These topics include cam-operated valves, cylinder sequencing with cam valves, cylinder deceleration circuits, pilot operated DCVs, shuttle valves, air logic components, air logic design, air filters, filter selection, filter maintenance, water removal techniques, air dryers, after-coolers, water traps, air lubricators, and component maintenance. 

SPRING 2020 FLYER (pdf)
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