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Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Programs - the programs listed below are currently available to adults with clearances (information provided below).  Adult students may attend classes in AM sessions (8-10:45 am), PM sessions (11:15-2pm), or both, space permitting. 

For more information, please contact

John Jeffrey Sweda

Automotive Technology 1 (550 hours) $6400.

Program emphasizes the various phases in the technical knowledge and repair of automobiles. Students learn to locate and diagnose malfunctions in vehicles using digital instruments and on-board computer systems, make proper repairs or adjustments, and make periodic inspections for preventive maintenance. Units of instruction include: engine, electrical, suspension, alignment, fuel systems, computerized fuel injection and ignition systems. This program has received national certification by NATEF. Upon entry into the program, student will work with instructor to develop a training contract. Categories of instruction include: Introduction to Automotive Technology; Suspension and Steering Systems; Brakes; Four wheel Alignments; Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems; Engine Performance; Engine Repair; Heating and Air Conditioning; State Safety Inspection, and Emissions Inspection. Career opportunities include:  Lube Tech, Service Techniciain, Service Manager, Automotive Inspector, Automobile Master Mechanic.

Cosmetology Program (1250 hours) $14,190.

The cosmetology program trains students in the art and science of improving beauty through care and treatment of skin, hair, and nails. Students must complete 1250 hours to qualify for the PA Cosmetology State Board Examination. Successful students will learn to shampoo, cut, style, lighten, tint, and give permanent waves. They also may give manicures, scalp and facial treatments, provide makeup analysis, and shape eyebrows. Students learn how to schedule appointments with clients, sanitize equipment, and keep accurate records, and skills are practiced in our on-site beauty salon. Skills and competencies are delivered using a competency based model within these categories: Safety/Decontamination/Infection control; Shampooing & Conditioning; Hair Care/Styling; Hair Cutting/Shaping; Hair Texturizing/Permanent Waving/Chemical Relaxing; Hair Color; Hairpieces & Extensions; Manicuring/Pedicuring; Skincare/Makeup/Hair Removal; Salon Management; and Employability Skills.

Dental Careers  (550 hours) $6550.

This program helps students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to assist in a modern, high tech dental practice. Students will have the opportunity to practice these skills and gain the experience of working hands-on with various dental professionals in our on-site dental clinic. This experience enhances their abilities and gives the students the qualifications needed to seek immediate employment. Units of study include: Infection Control Procedures; Dental Materials; Dental Radiology; Dental Laboratory Procedures; CPR; Dental Terminology; Office Procedures; Face and Skull Anatomy and Physiology. Career opportunities include:  Dental Assistant, Dental Lab Technician, Administrative Dental Assistant, Sterilizing Assistant.

Diesel Technology  (550 hours) $6300.

The Diesel Technology Program is focused to prepare diesel technicians for the 21st century. The diesel engine is the workhorse used to power trucks, buses, and tractors. It delivers more power and is more durable than its gasoline burning counterpart. The program emphasizes the skills to maintain all types of equipment; repair and maintain related equipment including haul trucks, dozers, graders, and exploration equipment; and repair and maintain over-the-road trucks; work for dealerships and factories performing field work or rebuilding; work in related fields such as parts supply, warehousing, equipment sales or customer relations. Study includes hands-on training, introduction to heavy equipment technology, schematics, electrical/electronic theory, hydraulics, mathematics, interpersonal communications, systems troubleshooting skills, computer skills, and heavy equipment repair and maintenance. Career opportunities include:  Diesel Technician, Truck Technician, Service Manager, Construction Equipment Technician.

Electrical Technology 1 (550 hours) $6400.

This program incorporates theory and practical experience in generating and transmitting electricity. Students install and maintain communication, security, and other electrical systems, using both AC and DC circuits. Residential wiring and the National Electrical Code are taught. Upon entry, each student will work with instructor to develop a training contract.  Skills and competencies are delivered using a competency based model within the following  categories: Interpretation of Electrical Codes; Theory and Practical Experience in Generating and Transmitting Electricity; AC and DC Theory; Reading of Circuit Diagrams and Blueprints; Repairing and Replacing of Wire, Fuses, Transformers, Coils, and Switches; Testing, Installing and Maintaining Electrical and Communications Systems; and Safety. These areas require such skills as blueprint reading, concepts of motors and generators, transformer work, and working with motor control circuits. The electricity laboratory boasts a high tech array of solid state and conventional motor control training systems.

Machining Technology 1 (550 hours) $6545.

Machine tool operators use power and hand tools to cut, drill, grind and form metal into a desired shape and size with an extremely high degree of accuracy. In this program students learn to apply relevant mathematical calculations, interpret engineering drawings and CAD data, use precision metrology equipment, plan machining processes, specify tooling and equipment requirements, use machining equipment (including manual and CNC equipment) and apply metallurgical processes. Machine tools include lathes, drill presses, grinding machines, milling machines, and computer equipment.

Upon entry into the program, student will work with instructor to develop a training contract. Instruction categories include: introduction to Machining Technologies; Measurement and Blueprint Reading; Bench Work and Material Science; Power Saw and Drill Press Operation; Lathes, Milling, Grinders; Computerized Numerical Control; Safety. This program prepares students for entry level careers as:  CNC Machine Operators, CNC Programmers, Machinists.

Mechatronics Technology 1 Program (550 classroom hours) $6595.

Mechatronics Technicians that can design, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair today’s sophisticated automated equipment are in high demand in our region.  The Mechatronics Technology program prepares students for careers as multi-skilled technicians in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. This multidisciplinary program includes an innovative blended learning curriculum with theory-based instruction, practical hands-on training on state-of-the art industrial trainers and software, and includes e-learning components. Students acquire skills with electrical systems, mechanical systems, electronics, robotics, mechanics, fluid power systems, PLCs, and other control systems used in today’s manufacturing environment. Technicians trained in Mechatronics enjoy almost unlimited mobility across technical disciplines.  This course prepares students to test for the NIMS 1  Industrial Maintenance Technology Credentials, Duty Areas 2-6, and/or PMMI’s 2 Mechatronics Certificates.

     1  National Institute for Machining Skills
     2 The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

Plumbing Technology (550 hours) $6250.

Trained workers in the plumbing and heating fields are in high demand in today's world. The Plumbing & Heating field has been established by the Federal Government as a "Bright Outlook" field meaning employment is expected to grow rapidly for the next several years and will have large amounts of openings including in areas of new and emerging occupations. Students will assemble, install and repair pipes, plumbing fixtures, and drainage systems according to specifications of the International Plumbing Codes (IPC). Students will learn how to install radiant heating systems, water heaters and boilers. Skills and competencies fall within the following categories and are delivered using a competency based model. Units of study include: Safety and Measurement, Blueprint/Schematics Reading, Pipe Specifications & Systems, Hand & Power Tools, Vents, Fixtures, and Appliance Installations; and more.  Career opportunities include:   Maintenance/Repair Worker, Pipefitter, Inspector, Plumber, Steamfitter, Pipelayer

Obtaining Clearances

Pennsylvania Law requires adult students attending classes with secondary students to obtain clearances, the same clearances required of all professionals who work with school aged children.  As of July 1, 2015, House Bill 1276 Child Protective Services Law (CPSL), mandates the following three (3) clearances.  

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance :   This clearance can be processed online and the cost for this clearance is currently $8.00.  To process online,  click here .    
  2. Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check : You can process this clearance online at  Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History . Once there, click on "Submit A New Record Check."  The cost to obtain this clearance is currently $22.00.  
  3. FBI Federal Criminal Record Check:  Instructions: As of April 1, 2007, under Act 114 of 2006, public and private schools have been required to review federal criminal history record information (CHRI) records of all prospective employees and independent contractors who will have contact with children. The review of CHRI reports is required prior to employment, and includes ALL student teachers (participating in classroom teaching, internships, clinical or field experience) and prospective employees (including but not limited to administrators, teachers, substitutes, janitors, cafeteria workers, office employees) of public and private schools, Intermediate Units and area vocational-technical schools, including volunteers and independent contractors and their employees and bus drivers, who have contact with children. The cost to obtain this clearance is currently $22.60.   

The Process

The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process:
UEID for Act 114 –   Link to start fingerprinting process

  1. Follow the link to IdentoGO to schedule a fingerprinting appointment and submit payment.
  2. Take required IdentoGO documentation and acceptable form of ID to one of the listed Enrollment Centers for fingerprinting.
  3. Please contact us once completed as the Federal results will be available for Upper Bucks County Technical School to review online within a few days. 

Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form : Please complete/return the  Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (Act 24 of 2011 and Act 82 of 2012)

Total Cost of Clearances: $52.60

UBCTS will need to see all original clearances. Copies will be made and originals will be returned.



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