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Electro-Mechanical Assembler   (60 hrs-36 classroom, 12 sessions) $950.
MEC010  W & Th, 10/9-11/14/19, 6-9 pm

This course will help you gain skills that will get you started on a career path in manufacturing and industrial maintenance!  Learn the basics of electrical circuits, industrial soldering, and how to assemble electrical and mechanical components.  Topics include basic electrical circuits, electrical measurements, pneumatic assembly, mechanical assembly, wiring schematics and assembly drawings, panel building, etc. 

AC/DC Circuits  (30 hrs-18 classroom, 6 sessions) $475.     
MEC101  M, 10/21-11/25/19, 5-8 pm 

Learn the fundamentals of electricity through this course. Topics include:  electrical circuit components, input and output devices, voltage measurement, series and parallel circuits, current and resistance measurements, and more.  This course combines online theory with instructor lectures and demonstrations, and hands on practical learning on industrial world class trainers.

PLCs-Computer Control 1-RS Logix (35 hrs-21 classroom, 7 sessions), $600. 
MEC102  M, 12/2-1/27/20, 5-8 pm 

This course begins with electric relay control and introduces programmable logic  controller (PLC) topics like PLC orientation, operation, and programming languages, and then moves on to more advanced topics like basic PLC programming, PLC motor control, and event sequencing. Specifically within this curriculum, learners will study topics including: the function of seven types of processor files; how input instructions can be controlled by output instructions; and the operation of a basic multiple actuator sequence program.

Pneumatics 1 & 2   (40 hrs-30 classroom, 10 sessions) $875. 
MEC105  Tu, 10/15-12/17/19, 6-9 pm  

Pneumatics 1 & 2 prepares learners to work intelligently in industry with pneumatic applications. Learners will gain industry-relevant skills related to these new topics including operation, installation, performance analysis, maintenance, and design. These topics include cam-operated valves, cylinder sequencing with cam valves, cylinder deceleration circuits, pilot operated DCVs, shuttle valves, air logic components, air logic design, air filters, filter selection, filter maintenance, water removal techniques, air dryers, after-coolers, water traps, air lubricators, and component maintenance. 

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