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Obtaining Clearances

Pennsylvania Law requires adult students attending classes with secondary students to obtain clearances, the same clearances required of all professionals who work with school aged children.  As of July 1, 2015, House Bill 1276 Child Protective Services Law (CPSL), mandates the following four (4) clearances.  

  1. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance  :   This clearance can be processed online and the cost for this clearance is currently $13.00.  To process online,   click here       
  2. Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check  : You can process this clearance online at   Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History  . The cost to obtain this clearance is currently $22.00.   
  3. FBI Federal Criminal Record Check:   Instructions: As of April 1, 2007, under Act 114 of 2006, public and private schools have been required to review federal criminal history record information (CHRI) records of all prospective employees and independent contractors who will have contact with children. The review of CHRI reports is required prior to employment, and includes ALL student teachers (participating in classroom teaching, internships, clinical or field experience) and prospective employees (including but not limited to administrators, teachers, substitutes, janitors, cafeteria workers, office employees) of public and private schools, Intermediate Units and area vocational-technical schools, including volunteers and independent contractors and their employees and bus drivers, who have contact with children. The cost to obtain this clearance is currently $23.85.  If you'd like more information on Federal Criminal History Background Checks, please   click here    

The Process 

The fingerprint-based background check is a multiple-step process: 
UEID for Act 114 –     Link to start fingerprinting process

  1. Follow the link to IdentoGO to schedule a fingerprinting appointment and submit payment.
  2. Take required IdentoGO documentation and acceptable form of ID to one of the listed Enrollment Centers for fingerprinting.
  3. Please contact us once completed as the Federal results will be available for Upper Bucks County Technical School to review online within a few days. 
  1. Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form  : Please complete/return the   Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form (Act 24 of 2011 and Act 82 of 2012) 

Total Cost of Clearances: $58.85

UBCTS will need to see all original clearances. Copies will be made and originals will be returned.


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