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    Milling Operations 1 (45 Hrs) $720.
    MAC121 W.,
     2/21/18 – 5/30/18, 6-9 pm
    This course provides introductory instruction in the terminology, design, application, set-up, operation and daily care of conventional milling machines. Accident prevention practices will be stressed.  Topics included are:  lubrication and cleaning of machines; utilizing detail drawings, calculations, layout tools, precision-measuring instruments, and appropriate techniques to prepare parts, and verifying part dimensions during inspection procedures.  Prerequisite:  Math and Blueprint Reading for Machinists  “Precision Machining Technology” by Peter Hoffman, et. al (2nd edition), $90.

    CNC Machine Tool Operations (36 Hrs) $595.
    Tu., 3/6-5/22/18, 6:30-9:30 pm
    This course is designed for conventional machine tool operators that would like an introduction to Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machine tool set-up and operation.  Lathe and mill operations will be stressed.  Theory and concepts will be applicable to various CNC machine tools.   General knowledge of machine shop practices and shop math a must.  Knowledge of some trigonometry helpful, but not necessary.  Students should bring a calculator with trigonometric functions to class.  Student purchased textbook required, “Precision Machining Technology” by Peter Hoffman, et. al (2nd edition), $90.

    Intro to Manufacturing/Machining (45 Hrs) $690.
      M, 3/19-6/25/18, 6-9 pm
    This course provides an introduction to modern manufacturing/machining and discusses the commonalities of skills within various sectors of the manufacturing industry.  Machine shop floor etiquette, workplace cleanliness, safety, proper use of common power tools and hand tools will be stressed.  Drilling and grinding machine tool operations, drill press operation, layout and bench work will be included, as well as an introduction to conventional lathes and milling machines.  Book-Precision Machining Technology,  Peter J. Hoffman- $90. 

    Math for Industrial Technologies (36 Hrs) $575.
     Tu., 4/3-6/19/18, 3:30-6:30 pm
    This course is designed for machining apprentices and other individuals wanting to develop and hone their skills in solving practical, industrial-based math problems.  Topics of instruction will include:  calculating arithmetic expressions involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratio, proportion, and percentages.  The appropriate use of English/metric conversions, exponents, square roots, basic graph interpretation, and basic algebraic expression (formulas) manipulation will be presented.  An introduction to the use of trigonometry for the solution of right and oblique triangles will also be included.   Book-New Practical Mathematics for Metalworking Trainees, NTMA - $60.


    Mechatronics Technicians that can design, troubleshoot, maintain, and repair today’s sophisticated automated equipment are in high demand in our region.  The Mechatronics Technology program prepares students for careers as multi-skilled technicians in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial settings. This multidisciplinary program includes an innovative blended learning curriculum with theory-based instruction, practical hands-on training on state-of-the art industrial trainers and software, and includes e-learning components. Students acquire skills with electrical systems, mechanical systems, electronics, robotics, mechanics, fluid power systems, PLCs, and other control systems used in today’s manufacturing environment. Technicians trained in Mechatronics enjoy almost unlimited mobility across technical disciplines.  Course prepares students to test for the NIMS1 Industrial Maintenance Technology Credentials, Duty Areas 2-6, and/or PMMI’s2 Mechatronics Certificates.

    1 National Institute for Machining Skills
    2The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

    MEC151 Mechatronics Technology 1 Program (480 classroom hours) $5695.

    Daytime program for adults M-F, 8-10:45 am.  Students admitted on a rolling basis.  Day students must satisfy clearance requirements to enroll.  Customized courses available at $30/session plus materials fee.  Please call for details - 215-795-2011.

    OR take the individual mechatronics courses listed below, offered via evening school:

    AC/DC Circuits (30 hrs-18 classroom 6 sessions) $475.     
      Wed, 2/28-4/4/18, 6-9 pm
    Learn the fundamentals of electricity through this course. Topics include:  electrical circuit components, input and output devices, voltage measurement, series and parallel circuits, current and resistance measurements, and more.  This course combines online theory with instructor lectures and demonstrations, and hands on practical learning on industrial world class trainers.

    Basic Pneumatics (20 hrs-15 classroom) $475. 
    Mon., 3/26-4/23/18, 6-9 pm
    Basic pneumatics prepares learners to work intelligently in industry with pneumatic applications. It introduces pneumatic power and takes learners through key topics and skills in pneumatic power & safety, pneumatic circuits, pneumatic schematics, the principles of pneumatic pressure and flow, and pneumatic speed control circuits. It covers pressure regulation, air filtration, how to connect pneumatic circuits, pneumatic cylinders, valves, and actuators, a wide array of pneumatic applications, pressure and cylinder force, pneumatic leverage, pressure and volume, and air flow resistance.

    Electric Motor Control (60 hours-36 classroom) $775.         
    Tu., 4/3-6/19/18, 6-9 pm

    This course teaches electric control of AC electric motors found in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Learners gain understanding of the operation, installation, design, and troubleshooting of AC electric motor control circuits for many common applications. You’ll develops skills in interpreting schematics, system design, motor start / stop circuits, motor sequence control, reversing motor control, and motor jogging. Safety is emphasized throughout, highlighting motor safety, lockout/ tagout and safety interlocks.

    PLC-Computer Control 1 – RS Logix-500/A-B 1000  (35 hours-21 classroom 7 sessions) $600.  
    MEC102  Wed, 4/11-5/23/18, 6-9 pm This course begins with electric relay control and introduces programmable logic  controller (PLC) topics like PLC orientation, operation, and programming languages, and then moves on to more advanced topics like basic PLC programming, PLC motor control, and event sequencing. Specifically within this curriculum, learners will study topics including: the function of seven types of processor files; how input instructions can be controlled by output instructions; and the operation of a basic multiple actuator sequence program.


    Small Engine Repair (30 hours) $525.    
    Wed, 3/21-5/23/18, 5:30-8:30 pm
    Students will work in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs covering various types of engines and equipment. This course provides students with excellent training for general mechanics and knowledge of how things work. The students spend 60 percent of the class in the shop, experiencing hands-on training while learning how to repair and maintain a variety of small gas engines.  Blended learning environment combines theory and hands-on skills. Take online tests and earn certificates through Briggs and Stratton and work on custom projects. Student Purchased Book:  Small Engine and Equipment Maintenance by D. R. Koloski R. Bruce Radcliff, Briggs & Stratton, $65.00


    Welding  Basics-Tech I (48 hours) $700.             
    Mon & Wed, 1/8-3/14/2018, 3:30-6:30 pm
    his basic welding course is intended for beginners and those with very little welding experience. This course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts of welding in preparation for employment in the welding field. Topics covered include:  basic safety in a welding environment; angle grinders and their use; material preparation; SMAW (stick welding) basics; electrode identification; oxy-fuel cutting; and GMAW (MIG welding) basics.   Students are expected to come to all classes will clothing and gear necessary to perform work.  Required gear includes:  cotton based dark color clothing (long pants), Leather work boots, welding coat or sleeves, gauntlet style welding gloves, and welding helmet.   

    Weld Code Prep/Certification (10 hrs) $525. (includes one cert test)
      M & W, 3/19-3/28/18, 3:30-6pm
    Sure, you’re good, but are you certified??  Here’s your opportunity.  UBCTS and WTTI (Welder Training and Testing Institute) are joining forces to help welders prepare and successfully complete a code certification test right here at UBCTS.  This 10-hour course is structured around the popular AWS D1.1 welding code.  This code gives you an opportunity to become certified for any and all position(s) using the SMAW or FCAW process on 3/8” or 1” steel plate.   Successful completers will receive the lab report showing this certification -- a certification that frequently leads to more job opportunities and higher earning potential!  This class is taught by a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).  It starts in the classroom and provides valuable insight into the code and test requirements.  Welders will have 6 hours to practice skills prior to testing, while receiving expert instruction and guidance from an experienced CWI.   This is not a beginner’s course.  Prior knowledge and skills in welding required. Welder provides own practice material and safety gear, including: welding helmet, safety glasses, sleeves/Jacket, boots, and welding gloves.

    Plumbing Code Prep (18 hours) $380.    
     Wed, 4/4-5/9/18, 6-9 pm
    This class is for plumbers preparing to take their local journeyman’s or master plumber’s license exam.  Topics covered include IPC information and explanation, how to read and interpret charts, and how to calculate sizing of water distribution and DWV systems.  Students must bring International Plumbing Code book to class.  

    Basic Woodworking (30 Hrs) $405.
    CAB101 W.
    , 4/25-6/27/18, 6-9 pm 
    This course is designed for individuals that are just beginning as well as those that want to hone their woodworking skills. This course will cover the basics, including safety and tool useage, and all will have the opportunity to complete simple projects. Experienced woodworkers may bring their own project, work in our well-equipped shop, and get individual attention as needed. Individual guidance is provided throughout project construction. Wood is to be provided by students.


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