• Employment Opportunities at
    Upper Bucks County
    Technical School
    All positions require the completion of an I-9, Act 24 & Act 82, 
    Act 34, Act 114, and Act 151 Clearance, and
    a Statement By Applicant for Employment.
    Adult Education Instructor Positions:

    Adult Education Instructor Application Requirements

    The Upper Bucks County Technical School is currently seeking instructor applicants with expertise in welding, machining, electrical trades, HVAC, plumbingand more to instruct in our adult education program.  Interested applicants should submit the following items:  
                      If interested please contact:  
                         Emily Evans, Adult Education Coordinator
                         3115 Ridge Road
                         Perkasie, PA  18944
                         Phone:  215-795-2911, extension 240

    Career and Technical Instructor Positions:  Application Instructions

    Support Staff Positions:  Application Instructions


    Substitute Positions:  Application Instructions
    Substitute Cafeteria Workers: Available immediately on an as needed basis.
    Substitute Health Care Services Specialist (LPN or RN certified): Available immediately on an as needed basis.   
    Substitute Instructional Facilitators: Available immediately on an as needed basis. 
    Substitute Secretary:  Available immediately on an as needed basis, proficiency in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office software, high degree of proficiency in typing, office procedures, and telephone answering techniques, strong organizational and interpersonal skills are necessary. 
    Substitute Teachers for all subject areas:  Available immediately on an as needed basis.  Must have a Bachelor's Degree or Occupational Experience in one of our CTE programs. 
              If interested in a substitute position, please contact:
                   Sandy Ronge', Assistant Director's Secretary
                   3115 Ridge Road
                   Perkasie, PA  18944
                   Phone:  215-795-2911, extension 203
                   Fax:  215-795-0274
                   E-mail:  sronge@ubtech.org