• Cell phones are to be placed inside each student's locker at the beginning of class.  Students are instructed to always lock their locker when leaving the locker unattended.  Students are not allowed to have their cell phone out during class.  A verbal and written warning will be given to all students who do not follow these guidelines.  Cell phones may be used while waiting to be dismissed from class and during the lunch period.  The second offense of having a cell phone out during class will result in the phone being confiscated.  A Parent is required to come after school to pick up the cell phone.  

    Industry Business partners are providing feedback to support this action.  Cell phone usage on the job is becoming a major issue for employee dismissal.  In order for our students to be productive in the workplace, it is necessary they understand the difference between work time and personal time.  School instructional time is similar to the workplace and requires minimal distraction to insure safety and success.

    I appreciate your support on this issue and hope you see the value in setting an example of good work ethic and professionalism in the classroom.