Welding and Fabrication Technology



Welding plays an important role in the expansion and

production of our industries. Graduates of this program will be

ready for the challenge of this ceaselessly growing field. The

Welding program teaches methods to permanently fuse metals

by applying intense heat. Students will learn basic blueprint

reading, metallurgy, safety, testing and inspection. Theoretical

and practical study covers steel, aluminum and other materials.

Hands-on instruction includes oxy-fuel, shielded metal arc, gas

metal arc and gas tungsten steel welding techniques.

This program is certified by the American Welding Society.


Successful welders have good manual dexterity, eye-hand

coordination, physical strength and a working knowledge of

mathematical processes. Other personal characteristics include

the ability to work in close quarters, tolerance of strong odors,

heat and bright light. Most welders work well in an independent



·         Introduction to Welding

·         Print Reading, Layout and Setup

·         Oxy-fuel Cutting and Welding

·         Shielded Metal Arc Welding

·         Gas Metal Arc Welding

·         Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

·         Metallurgy and Heat Treating

·         Plasma Cutting and Carbon-arc Cutting


·         Welding Technician

·         Welding Engineer

·         Welding Inspector

·         Metal Fabricator

·         Welding Supervisor

·         Maintenance Welder

·         Ironworker

·         Boilermaker

·         Metallurgist

·         Underwater Welder

·         Pipe Welder

·         Shipbuilder

·         Steamfitter

·         Structural Steel Worker

·         Quality Control Technician


·         Manufacturing Plants

·         Welding and Repair Shops

·         Bridge Building Contractors

·         Ship Building Companies

·         Steel Industries


·         American Welding Society Entry Level Certification

·         Welding Code Certification

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