Diesel Equipment Technology



The Diesel Technology Program is focused to prepare diesel

technicians for the 21st century. The diesel engine is the

workhorse used to power trucks, busses and tractors.

It delivers more power and is more durable than its gasoline burning

counterpart. The program emphasizes the skills to

maintain all types of equipment; repair and maintain related

equipment including haul trucks, dozers, graders and exploration

equipment; repair and maintain over-the-road trucks;

work for dealerships and factories performing field work or

rebuilding; work in related fields such as parts supply,

warehousing, equipment sales or customer relations. Study

includes hands-on training, introduction to heavy equipment

technology, schematics, electrical/electronic theory, hydraulics,

mathematics, interpersonal communications, systems

troubleshooting skills, computer skills, heavy equipment repair

and maintenance.


Students should be able to interpret charts, blueprints

and technical manuals, and be able to solve mathematical

problems. Troubleshooting, abstract thinking and

communication skills are keys to success in this industry.


·         Introduction to Diesel Equipment Technology

·         Diesel and Gasoline Engines

·         Brakes

·         Preventive Maintenance Inspection

·         Suspension and Steering

·         Electrical/Electronic Systems

·         Drive Train

·         Heating and Air Conditioning

·         Advanced Hydraulics

·         Applied Welding

·         State Safety Inspection


·         Diesel Technician

·         Parts Person

·         Construction Equipment Technician

·         Truck Mechanic

·         Service Manager


·         Trucking Companies

·         Public Transportation Authorities

·         Industry

·         Heavy Truck Dealers

·         Diesel Car Dealers

·         Farm Equipment Dealers

·         Federal, State and Local Governments

·         Construction Companies

·         Construction Equipment Dealers

·         Boat Lines


·         State Safety Inspection/Emissions Inspection

      ·         Automotive Service Excellence Certification

  •    SP/2 Certification
  •    EPA 609 A/C Certification


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