Animal Technology


Animal Technology provides the opportunity to pursue a career in the animal care industry. The program combines classroom, laboratory and live work experiences to help students develop the skills needed to enter this In Demand occupational area. Scientific principles in large and small animal care, safety and sanitation, digestion and nutrition, physiology, veterinary clinical skills, animal health and animal behavior and welfare are included in the comprehensive curriculum. 

The Animal Technology program operates a large animal facility housing a small flock of breeding sheep as well as market lambs, market goats and market pigs. Students participate in all phases of the animal’s care and management. In addition, the program operates a licensed kennel and dog daycare staffed completely by students. The final component of the program’s laboratories allowing for live work experience is a diversified small and exotic animal facility.

Students need to be able to perform general physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.

The rigorous curriculum and live work experience develops skills such as proper handling and restraint, basic grooming, general animal care, animal first aid, veterinary assisting, health and disease control and breed recognition.


A student should have a keen interest in any phase of animal

care as well as the ability to work cooperatively and efficiently.

A background in the following skills will be helpful:

verbal and written communication, basic keyboarding, basic math operations

 and biology.

·         Small Animal Science (dogs, cats, lab animals, exotics)

·         Large Animal Science (equine, dairy, beef, sheep, swine and goats)

·         Animal Laws and Regulations

·         Safety and Sanitation

·         Animal Reproduction

·          Animal Digestion and Nutrition

·      Parasitology

·      Animal Health and Disease Control

·      Clinical Skills
·         Animal Caretaker
·         Veterinary Assistant
·         Lab Animal Technician
·         Lab Animal Caretaker

·         Animal Shelter Attendant

·         Pet Sales and Supplies

·         Pet Shop Attendant
·         Animal Groomer
·         Animal Control Officer

·         Kennel Technician

·         Research Technician

·         Veterinary Technician

·         Veterinary Hospital Attendant
·         Veterinary Medicine
·         Animal Breeder
·         Farm Animal Herdsman

·         Veterinary Hospitals

·         Research Facilities

·         Pet and pet supply stores

·         Grooming salons

·         Kennels

·      County, State, and Federal Governments

·      Animal Humane Societies

·          Farms and Ranches
·         Certified Pet Care Technician
·         OSHA General Industry Safety Certification
·         Quality Assurance Certifications (for various large animal species)

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